NEW YORK, March 16, 2020 – At the 12 weeks since its launching, Samsung Apps has enjoyed a phenomenal reaction from customers. It took just eight months to allow Samsung to achieve its millionth TV program download worldwide and less than half of the time to transcend the 3 millionth program download global. At the U.S., customers can chose from over 200 premium and free programs out of a litany of industry-leading articles and content providers.

“The service for Samsung Apps — by content suppliers to programmer partners and customers around the globe — has been enormous,” said Eric Anderson, vice president of product and content options, Samsung Electronics America, Inc.”As we look forward, Samsung sees the chance to expand not just the width and breadth of programs, but also the way consumers interact together, which makes it effortless to find and revel in content over multiple devices in the house.”

, a industry leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the accession of new programs out of HBO and MTV into the planet’s very first HDTV-based software shop, Samsung Apps. Offering abundant audio and entertainment alternatives, these new programs emphasize the kinds of services and content which customers desire on the biggest display in their property.


New Apps Make Entertainment and Music Smarter

As the worldwide leader in smart TV, Samsung is working with major brands to deliver customers the types of services and content which spark their passions. Now, new apps from HBO and MTV enlarge on that promise by delivering exceptional, immersive experiences directly on the TV:


HBO GO provides users instant access to over 1,400 names of HBO® programming, in addition to bonus stuff, soundtrack and cast info. Available for downloading through Samsung Apps after this calendar year, present HBO readers can immediately see every single episode of classics such as The Sopranos, Gender in the City, Deadwood and present award-winning series including Boardwalk Empire, Entourage along with Authentic Blood.

Since the launching of Samsung Apps last year, Samsung has watched gaming, video and data apps consistently trending among the very best downloads. YouTube, AccuWeather and Google Maps will be the best downloads from February 2011.

MTV Music Meter makes it possible for fans to detect, consume, share and interact with music that is new. The easy to browse interface comes with a countdown of the best 100 trending artists according to social networking buzz in addition to sound, video, artist news, tweets, bios plus a quality that showcases artists that are similar. Available shortly via Samsung Apps, MTV Music Meter is currently also available on Samsung’s Galaxy show telephones and Galaxy Tabs.

Intuitive, Interactive Apps Provide Glimpse of the Future

This past year, Samsung will roll out a brand new remote control program that transforms Galaxy S mobiles as well as the Galaxy Tab right into another TV display. The newest program enables Samsung Smart TVs to encode and transmit live TV broadcasting in your TV into the Samsung Galaxy apparatus, making programming much more mobile than everbefore.
The Software Development Kit (SDK) for Samsung Smart TV allows developers to deliver profound, interactive adventures into the TV. In 2011, customers are going to have the ability to update their program or buy new content straight from the program — making a store in a store.

In 2011, Samsung is Starting to deliver on the promise of multiplatform Software that Empower Programmers to create Programs that help Customers manage, Product, and Command the content That They Need, when they Need it:
Using Smart Hub, Samsung is assisting individuals arrange their software with a brand new folder quality which lets the user to manage the method by which they access downloaded programs without needing to scroll through multiple pages.

Tools for Developers Create New Opportunities

Samsung’s brand new SDK for Samsung Smart TV, that offers easy compatibility and integration using 2011 Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray gamers, is now offered. The SDK features a new emulator UI which can help improve performance performance and supports Samsung adaptive streaming and IETF streaming. These features enable programmers to ease live and on-demand viewing of content within finished programs. Moreover, the SDK contains a new Open Convergence Interface that encourages integration with all HID devices, such as USB mice, keyboards and game controls. This makes it feasible to control apps on the TV with many accessories.

TV app innovation is dependent on the ability of developers to easily draw ideas to everyday life. Samsung continues to cooperate with developers to make sure they have the resources and information needed to build new, interactive experiences for your TV.