Samsung Mobile Newsroom: Samsung Galaxy S21+ Review


The Samsung Mobile Newsroom is your one-stop home for all the news touching on mobile phones and especially the Samsung Galaxy S21+. The news span various sources including press releases, Samsung’s Unpacked events, reviews/insight on existing or upcoming products, among others.

Here, we will lay great emphasis on the iconic Samsung Electronics Galaxy S21+ that has become a paragon of innovation. Therefore, by keeping tabs with the Samsung Newsroom, you will be updated on all the staples of tech that fall on the radar of this amazing product. With that, let us now have a more inner look at the Galaxy S21+ smartphone.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S21+

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ is one of the latest smartphone iterations in the Samsung S-series, accompanied by the Galaxy S21 5G and S21 Ultra 5G. It features a powerful high res camera that supports up to 8K video recording, the fastest SOC yet on a Galaxy mobile phone, a captivating fresh design, a variety of beautiful colors to choose from, and a whopping all-day intelligent battery for an epic experience.

As of the time of writing this article, you can obtain the Galaxy S21+ 5G from several carriers including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, USCellular, and T-Mobile.

In addition to the amazing first impression features, the Galaxy S21+ runs on the latest iteration of Google’s Android 11, donning the One UI 3.1.1 Samsung OEM skin, and is slated to receive One UI 4.0 once Android 12 drops.

One UI is very special as it sews in some of the most cutting-edge features in the mobile phone industry for reliability, performance, and security. Apps form a large part of what the Samsung Galaxy S21+ has to offer and a category of great interest has to do with videos. Specifically, here are the various video tools/apps at your disposal.

Video Converter

video converter

When the need to convert video files comes knocking on your Galaxy S21+, the built-in video converter has got you covered. Compared to a Windows Video Converter such as TalkHelper Video Converter which proves to have quite a good share of handy features like VOB to MP4, MP4 to WebM, MKV to MP4, and more. The S21+ allows you to carry the phone and performs conversion anywhere. The converter app also consumes way less space compared to the one you get on a Windows PC.

Also, the app opens you up to convenient and direct sharing of the converted video thanks to the compactness of the smartphone. Since you are working from a mobile phone, a lot of options (that are usually cumbersome on Windows) are greatly simplified to suit even novice users. And even if the Windows video converter is overly fully-fledged regarding video conversion, the Galaxy S21+ 5G video converter still delivers exemplary results.

Video Collage

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ is your good companion any time you need to tell the bigger picture. On this smartphone, you get to create video collages from videos and/or photos, besides adding more flavor by incorporating text and music.

The process is pretty straightforward too since all you need is to use the default Gallery app, pick the videos and photos of interest, and voila, you get a playable Story. To relive the moments more excitingly, the Galaxy S21+ allows you to add fun music and decorative text to the video collage.

Video Player

Video Player

A video player is a very important app in every smartphone as it comes in handy to playback videos from external sources, downloaded ones, or recorded using the S21+ camera. In this smartphone, there are a ton of features awaiting you when you need to play videos.

For instance, you get the chance to automatically play the next video, auto-repeat, play only the audio, and also adjust the playback speed. Also, you can add subtitles, take screenshots, make a GIF from the video, play the video in PiP mode, adjust the video size on the screen, set fullscreen playback, take screenshots, and more. All these features of the video player ensure that you have a comprehensive video viewing experience on the Galaxy S21+.

Video Recorder


The Samsung Electronics Galaxy S21 trio (Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra 5G) brings out the pro in you by presenting up to 8K video recording at 24 FPS. The video recorder utilizes the H.264 and H.265 codecs for efficiency, not forgetting the availability of HDR10+ capture options to obtain that is playable on both the smartphone and compatible TVs.

Also, you are open to using the Pro video mode that allows for creativity by allowing you to tweak various audio and video parameters. Even better, the video stabilization options included in the S21+ video recorder guarantee a general smooth video even in shaky conditions, like for instance when walking. Besides, you are free to zoom in and out while recording.

Video Editor

Video Editor

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ goes beyond being just a video recorder to integrate a built-in video editor that helps to tweak and tailor any video clip to your specific needs. In fact, the video editor on the Galaxy S21 series gets rid of the need to download external apps or PC software to handle trimming, cutting, flipping, cropping, resizing, straightening, adding audio/text, and even the addition of filters to clips.

This means that you can capture, edit, and share clips on the go, all from the Galaxy S21+. Better yet, you are free to choose your preferred editing orientation, landscape or portrait, for convenience when working from the timeline. All in all, the included video converter sets you on a path to deliver masterpieces.


The Galaxy S21+ is without a doubt a wonderful smartphone that has really strived to keep the competition at bay. And judging by the features brought to the table, it is rather evident that this mobile phone has its eyes on the price of user satisfaction.

Of course, there are even more features at your disposal that cannot be covered in a single article but worry not since the Samsung Mobile Newsroom will take care of all that and keep you well informed.