Samsung Unveils High-Speed Compact With Full-HD, 1920×1080 Video Recording


TL350’s New Double Capture Mode Enables Users To Require 10 Mega-Pixel Stills While Recording Full-HD Video

Anaheim, CA (February 20, 2020) [Samsung Newsroom] – Having a maximum movie recording rate of 1,000 frames-per-second (fps) and also a burst manner effective at shooting 10 full-size electronic stills per minute, the TL350 requires high-speed imaging to another level for the customer. Moreover, the TL350 enriches the electronic imaging expertise with Samsung’s Advanced Panorama Shot using Object Tracking in addition to an advanced Double Catch mode, which permits users to concurrently shoot 10 mega-pixel still pictures while recording full-HD videos. The TL350 will be on screen during PMA 2010, February 21-23, at the Samsung booth, #2227, at the Anaheim Convention Center.
“The TL350 is a representative of Samsung’s approach to direct the electronic imaging business through product innovation,” explained Mr. SJ Park, CEO of Samsung Digital Imaging Company. “Consumers have voiced frustration with having to pick between shooting audio or shooting digital stills using their own camera. . Together with all the TL350, Samsung has dealt with that this unmet customer demand, and gives users the capability to do both concurrently.”

High-Speed Digital Stills and Video
The TL350 permits users to capture high quality pictures regardless of how quickly the activity could be. Its innovative CMOS detector and re-engineered DRIMeIII chip yield remarkable low light performance and most importantly, rate, providing users the capability to capture up to 10 pictures-per-second (pps) in the resolution of 10 mega-pixels. Moreover, the TL350 includes a 1,000 fps (138×78), high-speed movie recording style that now’s creative user may utilize to disclose specifics of a quick moving occasion in super slow motion. When it’s used to catch a regular minute in an astounding new mild or to examine a golf swing, then the capacities of this TL350’s super-slow movement playback are infinite.

Impressive Optics and Display
The TL350 comes with a three-inch AMOLED display supplying users with a greater contrast ratio, darker blacks and more precise, vibrant colours, even if seen from an angle or even from direct sunshine. The AMOLED screen can be more efficient in regards to energy consumption, enabling photographers to optimize battery life and also take more on a single charge.

Along with its remarkable rate, the TL350 also comes with a high performance 24mm ultra wide angle Schneider KREUZNACH lens finish with a generous 5x optical zoom. Far wider than conventional compact cameras, even the TL350’s 24mm ultra-wide angle lens makes it possible for photographers to catch more of a desirable scene, like big groups of family or friends, whereas the 5x optical zoom may permit them to get close when shooting from a distance. Samsung’s Advanced Panorama shot Object Tracking will further improve the camera wide-angle capacities, perfect for its greater catch of scenes like landscapes that are vast. For blur free pictures, the TL350’s lens can be paired with Samsung’s Double Picture Stabilization technology.

Features for the Advanced and Novice Shooter
Even the TL350 will appeal to both novice and more seasoned users as a result of the combo of Smart and Manual controls. The camera’s instinctive Smart Automobile 2.0 (Still & Film ) scene recognition technologies may take the guess work out of shooting a perfect photograph or movie each time; nonetheless, for all those users that wish more control over image capture, the more TL350 supports RAW and provides Manual controller. When set to Manual, users can experiment with attributes like reduced shutter speeds, depth-of-field as well as concentrate.

Specifications: Video Resolution / Frames-Per-Second

WIDE (16:9)    
30 fps @ 1920×1080
60 fps @ 1280×720
240 fps @ 608×342
420 fps @ 316×178
1000 fps @ 138×78

STD (4:3)
60 fps @ 640×480
240 fps @ 320×240

TL350 Specifications:

Mega-Pixels: 10.2 mega-pixels
Optical Zoom: 5x optical zoom / Schneider lens
Lens: Schneider KREUZNACH
Movie Mode: 1080P HD Resolution With HDMI Connectivity
Size: 3.91 x 2.32 x 0.85 inches
Special Features:
– 24mm Ultra-Wide-Angle Schneider Lens
– 5x Optical Zoom
– 3.0” VGA AMOLED (614K dots)
– Full-size Dual Capture Feature
– Advanced Panorama Shot with Object Tracking
– High speed CMOS sensor
– 10fps continuous still shot at 10M pixel
– High-Definition 1080p Video With HDMI Connectivity
– High speed Movie recording at up to 1,000fps
– Dual Image Stabilization (Optical + Digital)
– RAW Support
– Full Manual Control
– Advanced Picture Mode (manually adjust color tones)
– Smart Auto 2.0: Still & Movie
– Smart Album
– Smart Face Recognition (up to 20 faces)
– Perfect Portrait System: Beauty Shot / Face Detection / Self Portrait / Smile Shot / Blink Detection/Red-eye Fix
– Photo Style Selector
– Built-in software for playback, management, and editing on a PC (no CD-Rom installation required)

Availability: Spring 2010

Pricing: $349.99