LAS VEGAS, January 6, 2021 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a market leader and award winning innovator in consumer electronics, today introduced its 2010 lineup of Blu-ray gamers, reaching new frontiers in providing quality HD house entertainment. . Standing from the four-player lineup would be now that the winner of this 2010 CES Best of Innovations Award, the BD-C6900, including built-in 3D playback along with encouraging the brand new 3D Kinect standard. For people who are searching for the very finest in design and functionality, the BD-C7500 provides the slimmest Blu-ray participant up to now, using a nature-inspired, modern form element. The BD-C6500 combines speed and performance, and also the entry BD-C5500 provides an eco layout. All players at the 2010 lineup service Internet@TV for your very first time, providing accessibility to a vast assortment of internet content.

Samsung’s latest Blu-ray players will be on display at Booth #11026 during the International Consumer Electronics Show, which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 7 -10, 2010.

With a concentration on connected amusement, all versions in the step-up BD-C6500 and over comprise built-in Wi-Fi service, also for the very first time , consumers are going to have the ability to get Samsung’s updated Internet@TV attribute by using their Samsung Blu-ray gamers through their wireless/broadband link, even if they don’t have a Samsung HDTV. New to Internet@TV this season is Samsung Apps, supplying consumers with an enlarged, simple to browse selection of applications and content from leading providers Accedo Broadband,, The Associated Press, Blockbuster, Fashion TV, Netflix, Picasa, Pandora, Rovi, Travel Channel, Twitter, USA TODAY, and Vudu.

“Our newest Blu-ray players actually represent the soul of Samsung — invention which brings together the very best entertainment experience along with the most tasteful and eco friendly layout, supplying our broadest selection of alternatives in history,” explained Sung-Ho Jun, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Division at Samsung Electronics. “We’re eager to show the world an additional top Blu-ray participant lineup which may be described with adjectives such as rapid, slimmest, and more energy-efficient — we are offering something for everybody — particularly the ones that desire an individual to compliment our newest HDTVs.”

Premium HD Experience Packed into the Slimmest Form Factor: BD-C7500

The Samsung BD-C7500 is really a gorgeous, nature-inspired participant, providing a multimedia experience which extends beyond conventional gaming players. Even a CES 2010 Innovations Honoree from the Video Components merchandise class, the BD-C7500 is that the world’s most loaded Blu-ray participant at 1.1 inches. The ultra-slim device includes a tasteful nature-inspired wood layout coated with jewel-like shine. Made to be straightened, put onto a 25-degree angle rack or put level, it may be configured to fit any home entertainment setup.

The BD-C7500 features enhanced disk load and boot times, whereas the 1080p playback reproduces film graphics at 24 fps with no demand for up-conversion, causing a organic onscreen movement.

Getting into the Action with Immersive 3D Playback: BD-C6900

True to its dedication to tasteful layout, Samsung provides the BD-C6900 at a slim design and a translucent cover which lets the user to find the disc as it functions.
Entertainment fans can appreciate for the first-time 3D content in their own Blu-ray participant, improved using multi-channel HD surround audio using the BD-C6900. As requirement for 3D content raises, Samsung provides users with a means to immerse themselves in the amusement experience and observe their preferred 3D titles in the comfort of the houses. The player works with Samsung’s new 3D HDTVs and lately ratified 3D Kinect regular, such as the ultimate in immersive, life-like encounter.

Fast Performance, Quality Entertainment: BD-C6500

With a lightning quick 15-second disk load and 15-second boot-up period, the BD-C6500 is still arguably among the fastest Blu-ray players from the marketplace providing users more time to unwind and revel in their favourite films in high resolution. The following CES 2010 Innovations Honoree, the participant features improved Blu-ray disk playback with Samsung’s Flexible Servo Technology (AST). All this is packed into a sleek and slender design.

Eco-Friendly Home Theater Experience: BD-C5500

Consistent across all the 2010 Blu-ray participant versions is a dedication to green features, beginning with all the BD-C5500 Blu-ray participant. Each participant has enhanced energy efficiency using new technologies like loader responsibility control, very low voltage spindle motor, along with analog video discover, which bring about a reduced electricity consumption of 13W during disk playback, and also only 0.1W at stand-by manner. The players are compliant with the stricter EnergyStar® 4.0 guidelines.

The BD-C5500 is created for the user who would like a high-performing Blu-ray participant with innovative multimedia features at a reasonable price. The participant is Wi-Fi prepared (different purchase of Wi-Fi USB dongle needed ) enabling users to browse the content of the DLNA apparatus or the varied entertainment choices through Internet@TV.