Samsung’s CL65 Champions Wireless Connectivity for the Photographer On-the-Go

Today’s connected consumer, who has a need to access and share content 24/7 from anywhere, will definitely be drawn to Samsung’s new CL65.

The next camera introduced in Samsung’s NYC press conference this afternoon that the CL65 was created especially to match the connected customer’s lifestyle. The camera actually is in a league of its own as a result of a mixture of wireless technologies which features built-in GPS so you can geo-tag your own photos, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, in addition to Wi-Fi capabilities along with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) compatibility.
Now’s connected customer, with a requirement to get and discuss content 24/7 from everywhere, will unquestionably be attracted to Samsung’s brand new CL65.

The fun really begins when you allow the camera speak to other devices inside your networked house. The CL65’s DLNA compatibility lets it link to other DLNA goods, like the HDTV, without needing to utilize any wires. Consider how cool it is to utilize your big wellness HDTV as a enormous electronic picture frame! You’ll have pictures of your children, your latest excursion or only an assortment of snapshots, stored in your CL65’s memory card, then immediately appear in your TV.

Snap a photograph, mechanically geo-tag it together where on earth you took the photograph, and immediately share it with other folks. Using some completely free Wi-Fi hotspot, it is possible to email a picture straight from the camera with an touch-screen QWERTY computer keyboard or upload it straight to quite a few favorite photo-sharing and social network Web websites.