Samsung Unveils TL225 And TL220 Digital Compact Cameras Featuring Dual LCD Screens On Front And Back

Samsung DualView Cameras Assist Consumers Take the Fantastic Self-Portrait on the Transfer

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J. – August 13, 2020 [Samsung Newsroom] – Supplying a user experience, the 1.5″ LCD situated on the very front of this Samsung DualView Cameras now enables customers to shoot first-rate pictures whether they’re at the camera or in front of it. Samsung’s brand fresh TL225 also offers a 3.5″ broad touchscreen LCD. In 1,152K resolution, the TL225’s LCD produces nearly four times greater resolution than standard cameras and comes complete with haptic vibration responses for simplicity of usage. Even a 12.2 mega-pixel CCD along with 27mm wide-angle Schneider-KREUZNACH lens using 4.6x optical zoom provides a broader shooting range in the shorter space, making clean, clear graphics with balanced resolution in the middle of the picture to the borders.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., today announced the Samsung DualView Cameras, Both ” the TL225 along with TL220. All these 12.2 mega-pixel, advanced compact digital cameras comprise Double LCD displays, with a single LCD on the front of the camera, along with a second one to the rear of the camera, to provide users the capacity to genuinely measure out from behind the camera and also place them in the photo.

Showcasing further inventions, Samsung’s Smart Gesture User Interface (UI) with built-in autofocus sensor means that when the camera is around, a tap in rear LCD activates it and also the camera will be automatically set to Portrait mode with grin detection. This usually means that if users wish to have a self portrait, then they simply should tap and grin, and the image is going to be obtained automatically without pressing on the camera. Teamed with advanced Samsung technology like Smile Shot, Smart Face Recognition and Smart Auto, customers have been given the capability to choose the ideal picture easily.

“The usage of electronic imaging technology has evolved and we’re supplying capabilities and functionality which no other digital camera maker has addressed. It’s become more prevalent to the photographer to change jobs and become the topic of her or his photograph, especially given that the increase in prevalence of self-portraits or profile images to be used with the popular social media websites. The Double LCD around the TL225 and TL220 makes it possible for users to become a part of this image in a manner they were not able to do this before. These cameras are must-haves for all those people which use popular social networking websites and for households who are looking to find everybody, such as the photographer, from the image “.

Samsung’s advanced Smart Face Recognition technologies will memorize around 20 faces and correct the exposure and focus to the many high-ranked faces onto the camera. Additionally, it lets users form images by enrolled faces and scroll to locate pictures of men and women in their own Smart Album rather than seeing each and every picture.

Furthermore, by simply tilting the camera in a particular way, users may go straight to another mode or see their stored pictures. A very simple hand or touch gesture is all it requires to get into the cameras’ complete assortment of important capabilities. By way of instance, using Samsung’s Smart automobile attribute, the stress of photographs has been washed , too dark, or out of attention can be now a matter of the past. Smart Auto, that can recognize 16 different prospective scenes, examines key components of your subject and composition, and then chooses the right scene preferences in reaction.
HDMI connectivity ensures your HD videos may be appreciated any HDTV or HD Monitor.

Samsung DualView Cameras: TL225 and TL220 SPECIFICATIONS

Dual LCD Displays

Samsung DualView Cameras supply the simplest approach to choose the ideal self-portrait each time together using Dual LCDs. On the very rear of the drapes is an 1.5″ LCD which shows you exactly what the image will appear like, and that means that you may currently be a topic of the image, in addition to the photographer. Key features of this Double LCDs contain:

    • Once the camera is switched on, trigger front LCD by tapping on the screen. It is going to automatically be put in Self-Portrait manner, making sure that the consumer will always be styled precisely the way that they want. You might even switch on front LCD using a easy choice during the interface that is intuitive.
    • After in Self-Portrait style, the camera may even participate its grin detection technologies, mechanically taking a photograph once it admits a grin. Back in Child Mode, front LCD plays a enjoyable cartoon to catch a child’s care whilst taking their photograph. Shutter Info guarantees you have a photograph of your subject whether they are smiling.
    • When utilizing Shutter Info, front LCD will show a”smiley face” if the photographer gets the camera pushed halfway down, then giving the topic a sign that you are all set to choose the picture. Function Information makes it possible to keep tabs on what macro and flash worth you are presently using, since front LCD gives a visual readout of camera settings.
    • When shooting a group photograph working with the Self-Timer, front LCD will display a preview of this photo in addition to a visual countdown timer in order everyone understands precisely when the photograph is going to be snapped.

Smart Gesture User Interface (UI)

Employing other innovative features is equally as straightforward. With the intelligent Gesture UI you can easily scroll through your photographs from slightly tilting your device at either way or simply by choosing the right pictures for a slide show. You may also simply delete pictures from the own library utilizing the wise Gesture UI by simply using an”X” over the display with your finger, or you could just store your favorite pictures right into another folder. Furthermore, if you would like to rotate a picture, you could draw out a circle (O) onto the display, and should you would like to find the following picture in your library you’ll be able to drag it to the display using a pinch of the finger or simply by tilting the unit.

If it comes to intelligent, user-friendly attributes, both the TL225 and TL220 direct the way. Take for instance the cameras’ advanced Smart Gesture UI with built in audio detector, allowing you to instantly get and utilize key attributes using either a easy tilt or a gesture. To turn to the front LCD, then just tap the display to trigger the screen automatically and instantly.

3.5″ Wide Touch-Screen Back LCD

Together with 1,152K resolution, the 3.5″ broad touch-screen LCD situated on the rear of this TL225 provides a number of the most popular pictures of almost any camera available now, providing nearly four times greater resolution than conventional screens. Unlike other digital cameras, the LCD touch-screen utilizes Samsung’s exceptional haptic technologies, supplying users with a small vibration along with audible beep every time they pick an alternative within the touchscreen screen.

12.2 Mega-Pixel CCD, 27mm Wide-Angle Lens with 4.6x Optical Zoom

Samsung DualView Cameras come completely equipped with an authentic color-filtered 12.2 mega-pixel CCD and boast a more strong 4.6x optical zoom, offering crisp and detailed graphics. Whether you are inside or outside, shooting a picture or friends around a table, then the more 27mm-wide angle lens and 4.6x optical zoom provides you a wider shooting array from a shorter space, providing greater flexibility compared to conventional 35mm lenses. Grab pictures of amazing landscapes, complete wedding parties, and skyscrapers without needing to back up to find the shooter. The cut, high?quality 27mm optical lens out of Schneider-KREUZNACH provides clean, clear graphics using balanced resolution in the centre to the edges. Each lens is multi-coated to minimize ghosting or simmer to get a fantastic shot each time.

Advanced Dual Image Stabilization (IS)

Samsung’s Advanced Double Picture Stabilization (IS) technology permits you to catch crystal?clear, blur-free pictures. Even the TL225’s and also TL220’s authentic Double IS unites both Optical and Digital Picture stabilizers to generate sharp pictures with no confusion typically found in different cameras. The Optical IS intelligently compensates for hand trembling by altering the lens in the contrary way. When Optical IS is not quite sufficient, the Digital IS automatically takes to guarantee blur-free pictures.

HD Video Recording

Aside from the capacity to shoot high-quality electronic still pictures, Samsung DualView Cameras additionally provide remarkable 720P HD movie recording at 30 frames per minute. The TL225 and TL220 utilize the H.264 format which lets you list twice as much material as MPEG4, and also four times greater than MJPEG, the format generally utilized in other digital cameras. The TL225 also supplies HDMI connectivity (adapter sold separately) so you can relish your HD movie, in addition to digital still pictures, in an HDTV or HD screen.

Smart Auto

Samsung’s Smart automobile feature makes sure that users do not need to be concerned about their photographs being washed , overly dark or out of focus. Smart Auto assesses key components of your essay like colour, brightness, movement and topic and then chooses the suitable scene mode that will create the best outcomes possible.

Smart Album

Using Samsung’s handy Smart Album attribute, you are able to instantly scroll through your entire library of pictures and arrange them in the manner that is ideal for you. This exceptional feature permits you to arrange photographs by Favorite (if labeled as a”chosen” photograph ), Face (somebody you have taken many photographs of), Timeline (date pictures were shot ), Week, Color, and Content (pictures, movies, voice-note).

Perfect Portrait System

Picture-perfect moments at their best

Samsung’s Perfect Portrait System requires the guess work out of capturing amazing portraits. Key features of the method are Samsung’s Smile Shot and Blink Detection technologies that automatically discover when your topics are grinning and when their eyes are shut, enabling you to catch them looking their finest. Another innovative feature is that the Red-eye Repair manner. This in?camera feature automatically corrects the normal red-eye connected by means of this flash, until the photograph is generated, a substantial time saver since you do not need to devote time removing red-eyes out of your photographs.

Smart Touch Shooting and Auto-Focus

On occasion the focus of your image isn’t necessarily in the middle of the framework. In instances such as this, the TL225’s along with also TL220’s Smart Touch Auto Focus feature lets you concentrate on another portion of this shooter simply by touching the desirable area. That means that the topic, regardless of where in the framework it could be, will always be responsible. As soon as you’ve chosen the focal time, it’s possible to just leave your finger over the display for 2 seconds or push on the camera to select the picture.

Smart Face Recognition

The TL225 along with TL220 attribute Samsung’s innovative Face Recognition technologies that stores up to 20 favorite faces into the cameras’ memory. While shooting a portrait, then the TL225 along with TL220 will automatically understand if among the consumer’s preferred faces will be at the framework and identify these as a priority for both exposure and focus. Users may save time sorting through their photographs by looking only for the ones that have a particular face.

Beauty Shot

Samsung’s Beauty Shot feature allows you to eliminate all of the imperfections on your area’s face including blemishes, wrinkles, and additives. Simply pick one of 2 editing alternatives to even out skin tone and complexion.

Photo Style Selector and Highlight Feature

Samsung DualView Cameras are all made to assist you improve your imagination in regards to electronic imaging. Samsung’s Photo Style Selector permits you to change your photographs from straightforward memories into functions of art. Pick from a broad choice of artistic remedies which range from classic black and black into a lot more vivid, providing you complete command over the colour tones of the picture. Furthermore, using Samsung’s special highlight attribute, you can concentrate on a single area of your photograph and blur all about it, turning on a standard picture into something a lot more complicated.




Mega-Pixels (Effective) 12.2 mega-pixels 12.2 mega-pixels
Optical Zoom 4.6x Zoom Lens 4.6x Zoom Lens
LCD Size Front LCD: 1.5″

Back LCD (haptic):

3.5 inch wide 1,152K-pixel touch-screen

Front LCD: 1.5″

Back LCD (haptic):

3.0 inch wide 230K-pixel touch-screen

Lens Schneider-KREUZNACH Schneider-KREUZNACH
Movie Mode 720p HD / H.264 Format

(optional HDMI adapter)

720p HD  / H.264 Format
Size 99.8mm x 59.8mm x 19.1mm 99.8mm x 59.8mm x 18.9mm
Special Features
    • Dual LCD (Front & Back)
    • Smart Gesture UI
    • Advanced Real Dual Image

Stabilization : Optical IS + Digital IS

    • Smart Touch Auto Focus
    • Smart Auto
    • Smart Album
    • Smart Face Recognition (up to 20 faces)
    • Perfect Portrait System: Beauty Shot / Face Detection / Self Portrait / Smile Shot / Blink Detection
    • Photo Style Selector
    • Dual LCD (Front & Back)
    • Smart Gesture UI
    • Advanced Real Dual Image

Stabilization : Optical IS + Digital IS

    • Smart Touch Auto Focus
    • Smart Auto
    • Smart Album
    • Smart Face Recognition (up to 20 faces)
    • Perfect Portrait System: Beauty Shot / Face Detection / Self Portrait / Smile Shot / Blink Detection
    • Photo Style Selector
    • $349.99
    • $299.99
    • September 2009
    • September 2009

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.