Live from New York it’s the Samsung Reclaim™!

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse (standing only steps from Central Park, home to a number of his advertisements ) started off the festivities by describing how Sprint’s green campaigns and the way the Reclaim is a part of their long run. Sprint has been”the very first wireless company to set up sustainable design components for our partners,” says Hesse.
The Reclaim is Samsung’s first eco friendly telephone for its US and is an additional step in Samsung’s attempts to develop into a more economical company.

With this statement, the breakfast was as fruit and bagels were served to plates produced from recycled leaves as well as utensils made from bamboo. While delicious (and healthy ) the breakfast was not the sole thing nicely designed. The star of this series was that the Samsung Reclaim.

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The Reclaim can boast those. Having a hardware casing created out of corn-derived bio-plastics, an advanced charger which absorbs twelve times more electricity compared to Energystar recommendation and packaging that’s 70% recyclable, so the Reclaim contains several components which make it sustainable. Obviously what’s does not have will be important. “The Samsung Reclaim does not possess a bulky user guide,” states Samsung SVP Omar Khan. “It does not have harmful compounds like poly-vinyl chloride and using its milder packaging it does not have a sizable delivery footprint.”