Samsung Launches New 3D Active Glasses Promotion

[Samsung Newsroom] – The eyeglasses promotion is provided only by engaging authorized Samsung retailers in their discretion. Samsung may opt to exclude specific versions from the advertising because of furnish or other limitations. Glasses will be given by the merchant as a portion of a 3D Starter Kit with select versions.

Please be aware that if Samsung has previously provided a satisfaction web site in order to cover customers who didn’t receive eyeglasses at retail, then this may no longer use to your new advertising. Samsung does counsel consumers to confirm that a specific merchant is engaging in the promotion and also that a specific TV is eligible prior to completing a buy.
Consumers buying qualified 2011 3D TVs from engaging authorized retailers can get 2 pairs of 3D Lively eyeglasses (version SSG-3100GB) without any charge, straight from the merchant.
Samsung now issued information on a brand new 3D glasses advertising, which supplies two pairs of Energetic 3D glasses free of charge together of Samsung 2011 3D TVs. This advertising replaces the formerly announced 3D eyeglasses promotion , that reasoned scheduled. But to permit extra consumers the chance to enjoy a really immersive 3D experience without needing to buy 3D eyeglasses, Samsung is currently starting another similar advertising to operate via Aug 13th.