NEW YORK, March 16, 2020 [Samsung Newsroom] – Samsung’s 2011 award-wining TV accessories lineup includes two CES 2011 Innovations Design and Engineering award winners (marked with asterisks).Key goods comprise:
Samsung Electronics America Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced availability and details of its revolutionary new accessories lineup, which enhances accessibility to 3D along with Smart TV to get an outstanding home entertainment experience. The line is stuffed with the most recent progress in Samsung Smart TVTM and also 3D.

– Wireless-N router and wireless LAN adapter that make setting up a home network hassle-free

– Dual-sided, multi-directional QWERTY TV Remote for easy access to content on your TV

– High-definition TV camera that transforms a television into a large screen video phone

– Four styles of innovative 3D active glasses, including a light-weight, prescription-ready model*

– Stylish wireless charger for 3D active glasses*

– Easy to install ultra-slim wall mounts

“As home entertainment gets more interactive, we have needed to evaluate how to enhance and control the TV experience,” explained John Revie, senior vice president of Home Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America, Inc.”The accessories line illustrates our dedication to a outstanding home entertainment experience via amazingly designed and expertly engineered products.”

Smart Solutions for Easy Connectivity

More than ever, while hunting for films and upgrading their social websites status, customers needan simple approach to get and interact with the TV. Samsung introduced a brand fresh QWERTY TV Remote using an LCD display that places functionality and control to the hands of the consumer. The multidirectional QWERTY TV Remote connects wirelessly using a Samsung Smart TV and comes with a whole physical QWERTY computer keyboard. When one among this remote is used, Samsung’s instinctive attributes automatically disable the keys on the opposite side so users never should worry about inadvertently hitting any buttons. It’s compatible with LED string D6300 and upward (sold individually ).
Since the TV becomes your press hub for your home, simple connectivity is critical. Samsung’s brand new wireless CY-SWR1100 modem makes it effortless to prepare and connect devices to your home system. The Samsung N dual-band router comprises two brand new Samsung technology that guarantee a Fast, hassle-free installation:


Plug & accessibility technologies , which allows connectivity simply by plugging the USB adaptor (sold separately) to a Samsung Smart TV to make instant Wi-Fi access to the net.


It provides easy accessibility to Many Different services and content through Samsung Apps, and unobtrusively connects Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray gamers via Wi-Fi on the World Wide Web. Additionally, it joins Samsung TVs to multimedia devices like PCs, telephones, Blu-ray players, cellular phones and much more.

Users plug in the USB cable to the TV and join the TV camera into the rear of the group utilizing the camera magnets. The CY-STC1100’s slender design, in slightly over the usual half of an inch thick, combines well with the thinnest Samsung TVs. A adjustable camera wraps across the cover of the TV, permitting the user to quickly adjust the lens place and establish the perfect place.

Samsung enhanced the caliber of mobile video calls in the comfort of the living area with the coming of a fresh Smart TV camera, even both the more CY-STC1100, that will be Skype compatible. This camera is designed to operate in most light conditions and where customers are seated in regard to the TV. Without a headset or extra webcam demanded, this camera comes with an integrated HD detector (720p at 30 fps) and innovative HD video encoding. Additionally, it features an auto focus feature to help keep the field from appearing fuzzy (even if altering rankings ) and also four high-fidelity microphones to catch voices around 13 feet off no matter surrounding sound.

One Foot Link , that determines a Wi-Fi link between Samsung 2011 TVs and other compatible devices. Throughout the first setup, users just must put the router within a single foot of those devices to set a connection. Later, the CY-SWR1100 could be transferred to any component of the house whilst still keeping this link.

Experience Immersive 3D at Its Best

3D remains a key pillar of Samsung’s TV strategy. Four new models of 3D active glasses make it easier and more comfortable to watch 3D at home:

SSG-3700CR: Prescription-ready ultra-light, rechargeable 3D active glasses

SSG-3300GR: Rechargeable 3D active glasses

SSG-3300CR: Compact, rechargeable and prescription-ready 3D active glasses, ideal for kids

SSG-3100GR: Replaceable battery-operated 3D glasses

Past relaxation, Samsung’s brand new 3D active eyeglasses were reengineered to provide superior picture quality. Samsung also decreased the LCD reaction time to enhance the contrast ratio and also create more vibrant images without cross-talk (ghosting) and seeing exhaustion. The eyeglasses automatically turn off if worn and electricity off when movement or touch isn’t detected from the embedded detectors. Moreover, the SSG-3700CR, SSG-3300GR and SSG-3300CR possess a sign on the face of the eyeglasses that educates customers of approximate battery lifetime.
To further guarantee delivery of a superior 3D expertise in the house, Samsung introduced four HDMI cables that maximize 3D image quality and also exceed the high quality standard for transmission transmission. The HDMI cables arrive in four different designs: slender, swivel, premium and basic.
Samsung fully redesigned its own 3D active eyeglasses to provide exceptional picture quality, relaxation and an appealing layout. The Samsung SSG-3700CR is that the world’s best selling set of busy 3D eyeglasses, weighing approximately one oz. Ergonomically designed with elastic’thighs’ and nose mat, the SSG-3700CR provides a comfortable experience for everybody. Even the’thighs’ can match regular glasses and customers can select to clip customized prescription lens to ensure they can easily love sharp, life-like 3D vision. Very similar to clip-on colors for conventional eyeglasses, prescription lenses may be prescribed with a normal optometrist and readily inserted into the SSG-3700CR.

The charger is a tasteful, shiny black cylinder which looks like a basic men’s best coat. An LED light gently blinks to demonstrate that recharging is actually advance. The CY- SWC1000A is extremely effective at transferring electrical energy to apparatus around the top layer of the charger also provides exactly the identical length of use (up to 45 hours) as when the glasses have been billed through the USB cable.

TV Installation Made Easy

Samsung is also introducing an LED TV mount kit for Samsung Soundbar (version CY-ATB10). Designed to coincide with the sleek design of the LED lineup, the apparel attaches to directly into the rear of the TV so the Soundbar can hang beneath as if it had been floating. It is compatible with 2010 and 2011 LED TVs between 37 and 55-inches and the HW-D450, HW-D550 and HW-D551 2011 soundbar versions.

As a part of its dedication to design innovation, Samsung introduced a new line of ultra-slim wall mounts which make it easy to beautifully display Samsung TVs. The airtight wall mounting hangs the TV less than 0.8-inches in the wall and illuminates the slimness of a Samsung’s LED TV. Despite its slim suit, it may securely hold up to 440lbs, making sure that the TV is installed securely on any walls. Even the ultra-slim wall mount can be easily and quickly installed in less than twenty minutes from start to finish, thus saving consumers money and time on installation.

Pricing and Availability


Model Number
Description Estimated Selling Price Availability
3D Active Glasses
SSG-3100GR Battery-operated 3D active glasses $129.99 March 2011
SSG-3300CR  Compact Size Rechargeable 3D active glasses (prescription ready) $179.99 March 2011
SSG-3300GR Rechargeable 3D active glasses $179.99 March 2011
SSG-3700CR Ultra-light rechargeable 3D active glasses (prescription ready) $219.99 March 2011
TV Accessories
RMC-QTD1 QWERTY TV Remote $99.99 April 2011
CY-SWC1000A Wireless 3D glasses charging station $199.99 March 2011
CY-SWR1100 Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N router with One Foot Connection and priority QoS $149.99 March 2011
CY-STC1100 SKYPETM video camera $169.99 March 2011
WIS09AGBNX/XAA Wireless USB LAN Adapter (Linkstick) $79.99 March 2011
Wall Mounts
CY-ATB10/ZA Sound bar wall mount $29.99 March 2011
WMN2000A Ultra-slim wall mount (32~40”  LED) $199.99 March 2011
WMN2000B Ultra-slim wall mount (46~60” LED,  51” Plasma) $199.99 March 2011
WMN2000C Ultra-slim wall mount (65”  LED, 59”+ Plasma) $199.99 March 2011
HDMI Cables
CY-SHC1010D High-speed 1m HDMI cable $59.99 March 2011
CY-SHC1020D High-speed 2m HDMI cable $69.99 March 2011
CY-SHC1030D High-speed 3m HDMI cable $89.99 March 2011
CY-SHC1050D High-speed 5m HDMI cable $109.99 March 2011
CY-SHC5010D High-speed ultra-slim 1m HDMI cable $79.99 March 2011
CY-SHC5020D High-speed ultra-slim 2m HDMI cable $89.99 March 2011
CY-SHC5030D High-speed ultra-slim 3m HDMI cable $119.99 March 2011
CY-SHC3010D High-speed swivel head 1m HDMI cable $69.99 March 2011
CY-SHC3020D High-speed swivel head 2m HDMI cable $79.99 March 2011
CY-SHC3030D High-speed swivel head 3m HDMI cable $99.99 March 2011
CY-SHC7010D High-speed premium 1m HDMI cable $99.99 March 2011
CY-SHC7020D High-speed premium 2m HDMI cable $119.99 March 2011
CY-SHC-7030D High-speed premium 3m HDMI cable $149.99 March 2011