Award-Winning Products Showcase First-to-Market 3D Sound Plus Technology with Built-in 3D and Smart Features

NEW YORK, March 16, 2020 With 10 versions across three classes — Blu-ray home theatre, audio bar and standalone AV receiver — Samsung is fulfilling the evolving requirements of customers for a brighter, more immersive home entertainment experience. The new products offer a theater-like encounter whilst allowing easy connectivity to other devices in the living space.In 2011, crucial inventions round the house entertainment system class include:The newest 3S home entertainment style doctrine — Adaptive, slim and slot-in — that produces exceptional yet practical form variables, such as multiple CES 2011 Innovations Design and Engineering award winners together with the HT-D6730W, HW-D7000 along with the HW-D550.First-to-market 3D Audio Plus technologies that generates a 3D sound expertise and enriches 3D video content since it pops from the display.

The lineup is packed with smart features, such as simple search and discovery of material using all the newest to 2011 Smart Hub, multimedia sharing around apparatus with AllShare along with a easy-to-use system setup using Samsung’s One Foot Link.New advanced audio technology, such as Crystal Amplifier Plus and Super Tweeter using Wideband Amp that guarantees a superior audio experience.”Consumer expectations of the home theater systems have developed.

They now require a complete home entertainment experience which provides over simply pristine sound and completely immersive HD video,” explained John Revie, senior vice president of Home Entertainment for Samsung Electronics America. “The access to Samsung’s new house entertainment systems signifies our dedication to providing the very best experience across multiple devices. We’re providing more choice to customers without sacrificing the top quality they have come to expect from Samsung.”

3S Design Philosophy Combines Elegance with Functionality

Samsung asserts its leadership in technology and innovation with the introduction of the world’s first 7.1 channel AV receiver platform with Kinect, 3D viewing and Web services in one integrated component. The HW-D7000 features a brushed metallic finish and a high-gloss panel which hides an integrated Kinect load-in slot. When the Blu-ray door is opened, the display goes downward to unveil the load-in slot. The slick touch display panel enables the user to press icons on the screen to navigate the system. Included in the package is a single remote to control the receiver and Blu-ray participant.

The 7.1-channel system is composed of six speakers: a broad centre channel speaker for transparent dialogue, a sizable but unobtrusive passive radiator subwoofer, two tower superb tweeter speakers that have embedded height channel speakers and two surround speakers. The speakers function without security grilles, enhancing sound clarity and giving them a stylishly retro look. The HT-D6730W sports Samsung’s advanced Swivel Head Speakers, that create a clean look when delivering an immersive, perpendicular surround sound experience.

In 2011, Samsung is looking at home amusement design to brand new heights with the introduction of its new 3S design doctrine — symmetric, slim and slot-in. The new house entertainment systems incorporate this doctrine with stylish and award-winning kind variables.

Expansion of 3D and Smart Features Take Home Entertainment to the Next Level

As the industry leader in clever TV and 3D, Samsung has incorporated smart and 3D attributes into more of their home entertainment program lineup than previously.

Consumers go through the utmost three-dimensional impact as the sound DSP assesses the thickness of audio signs and can be readily controlled using the”3D Audio” button in the remote controller.

However, 3D is only 1 part of a wise house entertainment experience. As more services and devices enter the living space, consumers are interested in being able to easily get and share content over all these devices. Samsung has introduced fresh Smart attributes to the vast majority of Blu-ray house entertainment systems to permit customers to do exactly that. These attributes include entry to Smart Hub, incorporated AllShare, and effortless connectivity to the Web with built in or Wi-Fi-ready accessibility and Samsung’s new One Foot Link across the whole Blu-ray home entertainment line.

While most 3D products just encourage 3D image, Samsung’s house entertainment systems encourage the whole 3D expertise with the debut of the first-to-market 3D Audio Plus technology. 3D Audio Plus does for sound what the 3D chip and emitter perform for movie by producing the very immersive 3D adventure nonetheless. Viewers feel as they are a part of this activity as 3D Audio Plus technologies generates 3D sound to match and improve the 3D video enjoying onscreen.

By way of instance, a rocket ship blasting off may not just jump from the display, however 3D Sound Plus will produce 3D thickness sound — perpendicular encircle and horizontal audio waves — to create the viewer feel as the rocket boat is lifting away from their living space. Built into the enclosed 3D Blu-ray participant, the 3D Kinect house entertainment portfolio includes incorporated support for 3D Audio Plus.

It’s an easy menu system which enables people to link, detect and delight in a vast assortment of content. Crucial attributes of Smart Hub comprise: 

Search, which allows users to easily search for content on the TV and via Samsung Apps or other online services.

Your Video, which delivers recommendations based on a user’s viewing history.

Samsung Apps, the world’s first HDTV-based application store, now with more than 200 apps for download in the U.S. Samsung Apps offers a range of paid and free apps that help people connect to their passions – whether in sports, entertainment, information, games or social networking.

Samsung also included two HDMI inputs on select models – the HT-D6500W and HD-D6730W. The HDMI inputs enable consumers to easily connect digital devices like HD camcorders, HD set-top boxes or gaming consoles to the home entertainment system. Once connected, the system is able to deliver undistorted sound and picture quality for an unsurpassed immersive entertainment experience.

New Audio Technologies Deliver Pristine Sound Quality

Premium sound quality continues to be of paramount value to Samsung. Even the 2011 home entertainment systems embody this dedication to quality with the introduction of new and improved technologies that produce crystal clear sound with enhanced detail and clarity.

The 2011 home entertainment system lineup will support the latest premium HD sound creations, such as Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Samsung continues to build its line of industry-leading sound technology that safeguard the integrity of sound and make sure it’s as near the original caliber through multi-feedback and adaptive control technology. This year, Samsung expanded that invention with the debut of Crystal Amplifier Plus into the entire line of home entertainment systems. This brand new technologies filters sound distortion and noise levels multiple times to provide the purest sound in history at high volumes.

Samsung is also attracting its proprietary Super Tweeter with Wideband Amp to superior models, for example, HT-D6500W and HT-D6730W, to provide excellent detail and clarity of sound in high frequencies. Super Tweeter expands the range of high frequencies up to 50kHz so that listeners may experience robust sound quality even at high frequencies.

Pricing and Availability

Estimated Selling Price Availability
HT-D6730W $799.99 March 2011
HT-D6500W $649.99 March 2011
HT-D5500 $499.99 March 2011
HT-D5300 $399.99 March 2011
HW-D7000 $599.99 May 2011
HW-D551 $499.99 March 2011
HW-D550 $499.99 March 2011
HW-D451 $349.99 March 2011
HW-D450 $349.99 March 2011

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