Samsung Previews New TV Accessories Line

LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2021 – Samsung Electronics Co. ., Ltd., today debuted a line of breakthrough TV accessories including:

  • Light-weight prescription-ready 3D active glasses
  • Samsung’s first wireless charger for 3D active glasses
  • A Touch Control that offers remote TV viewing
  • A Skype™-certified high-definition (HD) TV camera that transforms televisions into large screen video phones

Samsung’s 2011 TV accessory line will be showcased at booth #12006 in the Central Hall at the International Consumer Electronics Show, which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 6-9, 2011. The line includes four winners of the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards.

“The TV accessories segment is is currently filled with clunky, “me too” products that provide limited benefits. As the leader in TV manufacturing, we wanted to create complementary TV accessories that are unique, highly-functional and beautifully designed,” said Sangchul Lee, Senior Vice President, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “From the Touch Control, inspired by Samsung smart phones, to the world’s first prescription-ready 3D active glasses, Samsung’s commitment to technology innovation is crystal clear in the new accessories line.”

Feather-Light and Fast 3D Active Glasses that Support Prescription Lenses

Since the best possible 3D TV experience is one that encourages immersive viewing, Samsung has redesigned its 3D active glasses to offer maximum picture quality, comfort, extended wear and an attractive design. Weighing just under an ounce at 0.06 lbs, the world’s lightest 3D active glasses (model SSG-3700CR) were completely restructured to achieve a 25 percent weight reduction when compared to previous glasses[1]. The SSG-3700CR has a redesigned component layout and uses lighter material, a smaller print circuit board and RF technology for more reliable connections.

However, these weight reductions do not compromise performance. Samsung also cut the LCD response time to improve the contrast ratio. The net result is a brighter 3D picture with less cross-talk (ghosting) and viewing fatigue.

Viewers who wear eyeglasses can order special prescription lenses that attach to the SSG-3700CR so they can enjoy 3D TV with only one pair of glasses. For those who prefer to wear their own eyeglasses, Samsung has incorporated a new temple design that connects to the top of the LCD frame for a greater range of movement and to minimize the possibility of breaking. The frame and temples are made of a flexible material used in regular eyeglasses so the SSG-3700CR’s temples can stretch and bend to accommodate virtually any size head. The glasses also have an adjustable, removable nose pad and enhanced weight balance thanks to the new placement of the printed circuits and batteries behind each ear.

Recharging is simple, either via the included USB cable or optional Samsung wireless charger. Additionally, the SSG-3700CR includes an indicator on the side of the glasses that gauges battery life. The glasses automatically turn on when moved or placed on the face and power off when motion or touch is not detected by the embedded motion and accelerometer sensors.

Watch Programs on the 3” LCD Touch Control for Smart TVs

The Touch Control (model RMC30D1) operates almost entirely through a touch screen. Not only can users continue to watch TV programs on the remote’s 3-inch LCD screen when they’re out of the room, when paired with select premium Samsung TVs, the Touch Control’s multi display feature lets users continue to watch TV on the screen even while a Blu-ray is being played on the TV. Content playing on the TV from connected components, such as Blu-ray players, DVD products and more can also be watched on the remote.

The Touch Control has an advanced processor to support the evolution of television from a passive viewing device to a living room media hub. When connected to a home wireless network, the Touch Control can access Samsung Apps, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, even when the TV is off. A QWERTY keyboard appears on the touch screen when text entry is needed.

The RMC30D1 has a stylish glossy black finish with sleek, silver metal trim which was inspired by Samsung’s sophisticated smart phone design. The touch screen offers full control of TV features with only two physical buttons – power and function – thereby eliminating the awkward, cluttered button look on conventional TV remotes.

Simple Charging Solution with the Stylish Wireless Charger

Samsung’s wireless charger (model CY-SWC1000A) charges up to four pairs of 3D active glasses through an elegant, glossy black cylinder that resembles a classic men’s top hat.  An internal LED light will pulse softly to show recharging is in progress.

Using electromagnetic induction technology and operating on standard household electricity, the CY- SWC1000A is highly efficient at transferring electric energy to devices on the surface of the charger. The time taken to charge Samsung’s 2011 3D active glasses (models SSG-3700CR, SSG-3300GR, SSG-3300CR) on the wireless charger is similar to a wired charge.

Control Home Entertainment Wirelessly

Samsung is offering two wireless accessories to help make the TV the center of the home network. The new Samsung wireless router (model CY-SWR1100) provides easy-set-up and an optimized solution for Samsung TVs. It includes Samsung’s patented One Foot Connection, which establishes a Wi-Fi connection to Samsung 2011 TVs and other compatible devices. During the initial set-up, users simply need to put the router within one foot of these devices to establish a connection; the router can subsequently be moved to any part of the home while still maintaining this connection.

The Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter (model WISO9ABGN) provides access to Internet-based content via Samsung Apps. It also connects Samsung TVs wirelessly to multimedia devices, including Samsung’s Touch Control, PCs, cameras, Blu-ray disc players, mobile phones and more. The WISO9ABGN supports DLNA 1.5 and 802.11 a/b/g/n.

Samsung’s TV Camera Brings Videophones to the Big Screen

Samsung’s TV camera (model CY-STC1100) transforms Samsung TVs into large-screen, living room videophones. Unlike other TV cameras, the Samsung TV camera for Skype addresses the key challenges encountered when making a call in a living room versus at a computer, such as low light and seating distance from the TV, which can diminish video quality and sound. The TV camera, which enables video calls on a Samsung TV without a headset or webcam, features a built-in HD sensor (720p at 30 fps), auto focus to keep the subject in-focus even when shifting positions, four high-fidelity microphones to capture voice at up to 13 feet away with ambient noise, and advanced HD video encoding.

Installing the Samsung TV camera is easy. Users simply plug the USB cable into the TV and attach the TV camera to the back of the TV using the camera’s magnets. The CY-STC1100’s slim design, at slightly more than a half an inch thick, helps it blend well with even the thinnest Samsung TVs. A flexible camera neck wraps around the top of the TV, easily allowing the user to adjust the lens position and identify the perfect shooting angle.

Additional New TV Accessories and Line Availability

Samsung is also previewing four categories HDMI cables with basic, swivel and premium connectors as well as three ultra-slim wall mounts for LED and Plasma TVs.

The full line of Samsung accessory products will be available in the first half of 2011.

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