RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, August 11, 2020 [Samsung Newsroom] – “With 3D, folks may learn more about the miracle of an immersive entertainment experience at the comfort of the houses,” explained John Revie, senior vice president of Home Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America, Inc.”Since the HDTV market leader for four consecutive decades, we’re pleased to lead the way in the next size of top entertainment and certainly will continue to collaborate with business leaders such as DreamWorks Animation, IMAX and Giant Screen Movies to provide richer content to the house.”

Samsung’s most up-to-date line-up of all 3D-capable HDTVs and brand fresh Blu-ray 3D movies highlight its continuing dedication to give customers persuasive content and exceptional products that collectively provide a superb 3D house entertainment experience in the house.
, a industry leader and also award winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced new 3D content exclusive Samsung. This autumn, Samsung can make accessible 3D Blu-ray variants of DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: DWA) international 3D blockbuster How to Train Your Dragon, IMAX’s first productions Into the Deep along with Galapagos, along with Giant Screen Pictures’ Mummies: Secrets of the Pharoahs. Samsung also announced four new 3D LED and Plasma TVs, further including the world’s widest lineup of 3D house entertainment solutions. The enlarged 3D TV portfolio includes Samsung’s proprietary technology and advanced layout and bigger display sizes to provide greater immersive 3D experiences.

Rich Cinematic Content Now Available for the Home

Finally, together with Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs, a movie created by Giant Screen Movies, audiences will return in time and experience the grandeur of Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs and also learn more about the science and puzzles enshrouding the historical royal mummies and their succeeding modern day discoveries. The film is narrated by Christopher Lee of all Lord of the Rings celebrity.

The access to special, high quality 3D content is critical to providing customers a entire 3D entertainment experience to your home. To this end, Samsung’s continuing strategic cooperation with DreamWorks Animation symbolizes the very finest in 3D animation and technology, and provides Samsung TV owners distinctive chances to get 3D Blu-ray variants of the content that is cinematic. How to Train Your Dragon is among the best ten films of 2010 and unites Monsters Aliens since the next DreamWorks Animation name available only for Samsung TV owners at 3D Blu-ray.

The IMAX documentaries take audiences on a stunning three-dimensional investigation of two unique surroundings and deliver the beauty of those locations into the living area. Into the rugged 3D catches exceptional marine life and glorious undersea worlds. The crowd will end up sea dwellers, finding a living breathing kaleidoscope during the magic prism of IMAX 3D technology. Galapagos is a part adventure, part scientific expedition and component excellent voyage.

Expanded Range of Full HD 3D LED TVs Delivers Premium 3D Experience

With its glossy 65-inch display, the newest Samsung UN65C8000 is your largest Full HD 3D LED TV accessible for your house now. Featuring Samsung’s built-in 3D chip, Actual 240Hz refresh speed technology, lively 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio along with proprietary Precision Dimming technologies, the award-winning LED 8000 series provides superb image quality and a immersive 3D experience within an ultra-slim layout. The LED 8000 is currently WiFi-ready and supports Skype through Samsung Apps. This usually means that the TV becomes a massive video screen and provides a nearly life-like caliber to video calls. Keeping in touch with family and friends across the globe is currently an activity the entire family can take part in, directly in the living area. Viewers can also get a complete selection of programs — including as Hulu Plus along with ESPN Next Level — through Samsung Apps in their own convenience.

Series/Model Estimated Selling Price Size (inches) Availability
UN65C8000 $5,999.99 65 August 2010

New 3D Plasma HDTVs Make It Easy to Bring the Wonder of 3D Home

The 680 Series provides a immersive 3D experience, also underscores Samsung’s dedication to functionality, value and design. The Samsung Plasma 680 Series features Total HD 1080p resolution and 600Hz Subfield Motion to provide sharp, lifelike graphics, and very crystal clear movement, whereas the Holy Dynamic Contrast Ratio produces deep blacks and vibrant colours.

Offered in 50- or 58-inch monitor dimensions, the mobile 680 Series additionally permits users to talk about media files saved on PCs or alternative DLNA-compliant apparatus on the big-screen via AllShare. The appealing Touch of Color layout provides a subtle black-to-dark blue accent into the group’s bezel and surpasses the stringent ENERGY STAR 4.0 criteria.

Samsung has enlarged its 2010 Plasma HDTV line-up with the coming of 3 new 3D-enabled plasma screen TVs that provide exceptional immersive 3D experience and superior image quality for an inexpensive price.

Delivering premium image quality using its Clear Picture Panel technologies and 600Hz Subfield Motion technology, the Indoor C490 stipulates a high-resolution image quality at a fantastic price.

Series/Model Estimated Selling Price Size (inches) Availability
PN58C680 $2,299.99 58 August 2010
PN50C680 $1,599.99 50 August 2010
PN50C490 $1,099.99 50 August 2010