BELLEVUE, WASH. and DALLAS — June 23, 2020 [Samsung Newsroom] —  An increasing number of families are discovering that text messaging is among the very greatest strategies to convey. . At a March 2010 internal poll, close to 70% of T-Mobile customers indicated they had used text messaging to remain connected at least one time within the previous seven days.
Over the previous 3 decades, the typical amount of text messages T-Mobile clients have shipped and received percent has almost dropped from 262 messages from Q1 2007 into 752 messages from Q3 20092. Back in 2009, 250 billion text and image messages were delivered with T-Mobile postpaid subscribers, a 51% increase within the 165 million messages delivered within the T-Mobile community in 2008. The newest lineup of Samsung messaging telephones help answer the demand for cheap, easy-to-use mobiles as text messaging communicating raises among households.
 “Together with our portfolio of brand new cheap messaging telephones, the entire family is guaranteed to find one tailored for their wants and desires.”
Available only via T-Mobile USA and powered with its high-speed community, the Samsung:-RRB-, Gravity 3 and Gravity Rush offer the hottest in messaging capabilities along with effortless accessibility to the Internet that keeps consumers connected and current on the newest together with friends and loved ones. Every one of these phones also comprises a brand new social media feature named T-Mobile® Social Buzz, that incorporates popular social media sites into a single program.
When not actively being used, Social Buzz remains running in the desktop also provides pop-up message alarms on the phone’s home screen making sure you’re in the know about the most recent upgrades. In use, it provides the choice to see every social media display individually or see an aggregated display that contains messages from all communities at 1 simple-to-access location.
 The following generation of Gravity apparatus offers two layouts which come completely equipped with slide-out QWERTY keyboards along with a comprehensive messaging package, such as Exchange and private e-mail capacity, contacts and calendar. The Gravity 3 attracts an outside T9® keyboard plus a slide-out, full QWERTY keyboard, although the Gravity Rush features a customizable 2.8-inch touch display which gives a superior pinch and messaging experience for an inexpensive price.
Both audio devices incorporate a 2-megapixel camera and camera, built in audio player, HTML browser and service for up to 16 GB of memorycard.
“We are proud to keep the most favorite Gravity collection of apparatus with glossy designs along with a totally customizable touch screen onto the Gravity Rush, in addition to present the Smiley using T-Mobile,” said Omar Khan, chief strategy officer for Samsung Mobile. “These 3 telephones each provide topnotch messaging characteristics and multimedia icons together in 1 device.”
Use of any services or features may incur different, additional fees and/or need a qualifying data strategy. 3G coverage can be found in places nationally, but might not be available anywhere. For additional information about where T-Mobile network policy can be obtained, please see http://www.t-mobile.com/coverage.
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The Samsung:-RRB-™ comes with a streamlined, rounded-edge layout, also a slide-up vertical QWERTY keypad plus a committed shortcut for fast access to messaging programs, such as text, image, movie and instant messaging, in addition to Exchange and private email capacity. The:-RRB- provides an easy-to-use interface, also an integrated camera and camera, a music player and support for expandable memorycard.