Samsung Announces Launch of Highly-Anticipated eReader for US Market

Ridgefield Park, NJ (March 9, 2020) [Samsung Newsroom] – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award winning innovator in consumer electronics, announced today the impending availability of its eReader merchandise for the US marketplace. Initially previewed at CES 2010 in January, the Samsung eReader makes studying a private encounter. Not only can users quickly get articles, but they’re also able to write thoughts and notes right on the webpage, emphasize articles that matters for them also discuss notes with peers and friends. Samsung united over a million digital games, innovative design skills and WiFi connectivity into one, simple to use device which permits users to browse, compose and discuss on the move. The Samsung eReader is a real eReading companion from the electronic era.

“We’re extremely excited to be entering the volatile eReader market using a system that attracts the very best of a conventional reading experience to the electronic era,” said Reid Sullivan, Senior Vice President in Samsung Electronics America. “Samsung prides itself on fulfilling and identifying unmet customer needs via innovation, along with the eReader is symbolic of this strategy. We’re partnering with the very finest in the industry to provide access to a broad selection of articles, and also have developed advanced features and technology developed to make reading this articles as private and intimate with an experience like reading a hard copy publication has ever been”

Samsung Electronics America also announced that its parent, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., has made a venture with Barnes & Noble to offer that the eCommerce storefront to its Samsung eReader. Users may get Barnes & Noble’s expansive virtual library of over 1 thousand eBooks, eMagazines along with eNewspapers.

Samsung’s compact, mobile eReader, includes a slider form factor and comprises a 6″ E-ink screen (600×800) using 8-Gray scale for simple readability both inside and outside. Using the built in front speakers along with the most handy headset phone jack, users may encounter Samsung’s text-to-speech (TTS) technologies, that reads text aloud and enables users to always enjoy their preferred content while driving during busy commutes. The built-in MP3 player lets users transfer and revel in their favourite songs, music books, podcasts and other audio information onto a single device.

The most clearly identifying quality of the Samsung eReader is its own perceptible resonance (EMR) stylus pen) This revolutionary EMR stylus allows users the composing abilities which are ordinarily associated only with conventional paper publications, like creating annotations in the margins along with also documenting an individual’s own ideas and interpretations while studying. EBooks, papers and even pictures are readily altered with guide handwriting and memos in material, whilst voice recording functionality empowers users to make sound memos along with annotations. Together with the added diary, scheduler and memo programs, users may use the stylus to save and write entrances, which can be made readily accessible for thumbnail viewing and effortless search. An electronic dictionary can be available either in and outside of eBook scanning.

During Samsung’s venture with Barnes & Noble, customers may quickly download multiple million eBooks and ePeriodicals, with the majority of bestsellers at $9.99. Users will be able to navigate, sample, buy and obtain a vast array of content in the world’s biggest eBookstore in moments, along with an Wi-Fi or PC link. Samsung eReader users may also have the ability to make the most of breakthrough Barnes & Noble attributes, like the industry-first LendMeā„¢ technologies that empowers customers to give a broad choice of eBooks to buddies with no charge for up to 14 days. Simply pick the book that you would like to talk about and then send it to a buddy Samsung eReader along with even a plethora of additional computer and cellular devices free of Barnes & Noble eReader program.
An outside Micro SD card slot machine raises the machine’s storage capacities by an extra 16GB.

The Samsung eReader permits for connectivity between private and public spaces, using the Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) system which permits immediate access and download of information with no PC link, and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity enabling for sound transmission into wireless headset. Samsung’s exceptional EmoLink technology empowers users to share information between Samsung eReader apparatus. Additionally, an integrated dedicated app may sync with the eReader scheduler with customers’ private PC Outlook.