SAMSUNG Announces Availability and Pricing of Blu-ray Home Theater Systems

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N. .J., March 9, 2020 [Samsung Newsroom]– Samsung Electronics America Inc., a market leader and award winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the U.S. pricing and accessibility of their company’s next-generation Blu-ray Home Theater Systems. As announced at CES, the lineup includes the HT-C6930W, HT-C6730W, which got a CES”Best of Innovations 2010″ award, including the HT-C7530W and entrance HT-C6500 together with HT-C5500. All five variations present a brand-new, no-grill speaker design. They also supply Samsung’s newly-introduced immersive Crystal Amplifier Professional engineering, which ensures authentic sound reproduction. The HT-C6930W is a Kinect integrated home theater app that also has 3D capacity.

Series/Model Estimated Selling Price Availability
HT-C7530W $999.99 May 2010
HT-C6930W $899.99 April 2010
HT-C6730W $799.99 March 2010
HT-C6500 $649.99 March 2010
HT-C5500 $499.99 March 2010

“Samsung attempts to supply the most best-in-class house entertainment experience at a fair price,” explained John Revie, senior vice president of Home Entertainment for Samsung Electronics America. “With this year’s lineup of Blu-ray Home Theater Systems, we’re turning it up a notch by supplying an entirely immersive house entertainment experience for every single every individual customer — including 3D ability and lifelike, immaculate audio quality — together with all the tasteful design in one easy to use system.”

Samsung HT-C6930 and HT-C6730W: Recipient of the CES “Best of Innovations 2010” Award

The 1330W HT-C6930W and HT-C6730W are developed to the ultimate home entertainment aficionado and could be undoubtedly the very best music programs that Samsung supplies with 7.1-channel 3D surround sound, bringing the viewer a totally immersive entertainment experience. Both offer Musical Room Calibration, which uses sound to calibrate speakers instead of white audio. The HT-C6930W is distinguished by the 3D capability, supplying Samsung’s commitment to supplying a immersive 3D choice for home entertainment. Both apps present a built-in digital signal processor (DSP) that allows for realistic perpendicular 3D surround sound experience. Employing 1080p video playback such as Blu-ray discs and routine DVDs, the elements promote the Dolby Digital Plus™, Dolby TrueHD™ and DTS-HD Pro Audio high-definition audio formats. The applications include eight speakers; a extensive centre channel speaker, and two HDMI inputsignal, a huge subwoofer, two tower speakers combined with four surround speakers, such as radio rear satellite speakers.

The Samsung HT-C7530W: Perfect Balance of Design and Performance

Samsung’s 800W HT-C7530W takes home theater systems into new peaks. Featuring Samsung’s nature-inspired Touch of Color™ (ToC™) design, the HT-C7530W matches modern interior design aesthetics while also complementing Samsung’s fashionable HDTVs. The receiver’s cabinet has a wood-grain texture and may be wrapped into a plush see-through fabric. The 5.1-channel platform consists of two half-tall speakers, two wireless rear speakers, plus a center apparatus, a subwoofer, a Wi-Fi dongle, 1 GB added memory along with also 2HDMI input signal.

Samsung HT-C5500 and HT-C6500: Impressive Features in a Small Package

The 1000W HT-C5500 and HT-C6500 offer the perfect home entertainment experience for smaller spaces. The programs include 5.1 channel surround sound, innovative auto audio calibration, and a iPod/iPhone dock in a compact bundle that doesn’t sacrifice image or audio quality. The HT-C6500 also offers 1GB of built-in storage, two HDMI inputs, and also upgraded speakers.

Connected TV/Samsung Apps

Additionally, both the HT-C6930W, HT-C6730W along with HT-C6500 have built in WiFi connectivity whereas the HT-C7530W supports Wi-Fi via the added wireless dongle*. All new versions consist of Allshare™ compatibility to permit content sharing along with other DLNA® accredited electronics within the system.

Samsung’s Blu-ray Home Theater systems today include innovative connectivity attributes throughout Samsung Apps, the world’s first HDTV programs shop. Samsung Apps supplies an enlarged, easy-to-navigate choice of applications and content from leading content providers and services such as The Associated Press, Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, USA TODAY, and VUDU. Software can be downloaded and seen while viewing TV. Over 20 software should start at the end of March with no cost, with much more to come.