Samsung Announces Five New NX Lenses

Anaheim, CA (February 20, 2020) [Samsung Newsroom] – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced a few new developments to its revolutionary NX platform lens technologies, to be published throughout 2010. The initial lineup of a normal zoom (18-55mm OIS / / F3.5-5.6), tele zoom (50-200mm OIS / / F4.0-5.6) along with pancake lens (30mm / / F2.0) started using the Samsung NX10 through the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show, will soon be matched with the introduction of five extra lenses during 2010. This may provide customers with a total of eight possible lenses made especially for your Samsung NX camera program.

Samsung’s NX lenses have been specially designed to make sure that users get the maximum from the photography expertise. The NX program’s advanced smart lens technology means that it does the shooting so users may do the producing, providing a fun photography experience each moment. Even the NX10 boasts a compact, sleek and lightweight design, and today due to its top lens technologies, users never have to miss out a more creative second.

The eight Samsung NX lenses feature unique characteristics and layouts so the graphics users create are simple to produce yet nevertheless of qualified quality. The lenses are developed to add certain advantages which react right to customer requirements and desires that were emphasized in the study.

Consumer research performed by Samsung demonstrated that camera consumers need handy and easy-to-use attributes that guarantee creative and value liberty through advanced concepts. . Samsung’s smart lens technology ensures customers’ requirements are fulfilled via the maximum image quality, while still appreciating the glossy, durable and portable compact camera system of this NX10 as a result of its mirror-less layout. Building on the organization’s strong legacy in performance and innovation, Samsung’s brand new lens technologies was made to satisfy the universal ease-of-use capacities users.

Consumers reported they desired lenses that are small and suitable to transport, yet still fashionable and attractive. In reaction to the, Samsung has generated the compact zoom lens (20-50mm / / F3.5-5.6), the broad pancake lens (20mm / / F2.8) along with also the pancake lens (30mm / / F2.0) — each of which provide users a high degree of optical performance without the majority of different lenses available on the industry. These are perfect for customers who need a lens that they can shoot everywhere and anywhere which may complement the streamlined, sleek and fashionable design of the NX10.

Mr. Park added,”Samsung has ever been fast to execute cutting-edge technologies, and also the maturation of our lens technology ensures maximum picture quality is within reach. Our continuing dedication to enhancing the imaging expertise of our customers is that a number one priority — people still do not want our customers to capture pictures but produce their very own distinct stories. The Samsung NX10 signifies a completely different group of digital cameras and also the newest offerings inside our lens lineup will guarantee that our customers feel empowered to unleash their creative side and also incorporate camera technologies to everyday life, in their very own manner.”

“We’re motivated to make new lines of lenses and cameras which would alter how that people feel and think about pictures. “We all know from our comprehensive study what customers need from their cameras is slowly growing — they’re on the lookout for compact and fashionable goods of a top performance, while keeping a focus on value. We have reflected these requirements throughout the maturation of our lens technologies for its NX10 and coming NX range”.

For customers that want to find certain attributes to their own shots, be it shooting with a specific focus or depth of view, Samsung has published the tele zoom lens (50-200mm OIS / / F4.0-5.6), the macro lens (60mm / / F2.7) or even two kinds of regular zoom lenses (18-55mm OIS / / F3.5-5.6 along with 18-55mm / / F3.5-5.6). These lenses contain intuitive technologies and are optimized for image shooting of a professional standard and so would be the greatest in high performance.

Ultimately, Samsung discovered that a lot of men and women are searching for all-round quality and endurance at a multipurpose lens that may perform faultlessly in many of purposes.


Pancake Lens – 30mm / F2
(Jan 2010)

Standard Zoom Lens – 18-55mm / F3.5-5.6 OIS
(Jan 2010)

Tele Zoom Lens – 50-200mm / F4-5.6 OIS
(Jan 2010)

Standard Zoom Lens – 18-55mm / F3.5-5.6, Non OIS
(H1 2010)

Compact Zoom Lens – 20-50mm / F3.5-5.6
(H2 2010)

Wide Pancake Lens – 20mm / F2.8
(2H 2010)

Super Zoom Lens – 18-200mm / F3.5-6.3 OIS

Macro Lens – 60mm / F2.8

* Lens spec and launching time are subject to change without notice.


Jason Ledder
R&J Public Relations