Samsung Moment’s Brilliant AMOLED Display to Showcase Mobile Digital TV Chip at CES 2010

Samsung Mobile and Sprint announced today the Samsung Moment was chosen as the very first cellphone to showcase a presentation of a Mobile Digital TV chip. The Samsung Moment will receive live digital TV with Samsung’s Mobile DTV Chip, the planet’s very first single-chip alternative for its newly accepted Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Mobile Digital TV standard.

The ATSC Mobile Digital TV chip enables Samsung Moment to get live TV programming in local broadcast channels, such as prime-time network applications, neighborhood news and sports along with crisis alarms. The companies announced the Mobile DTV-equipped Samsung Moment was chosen for a exhibition with Sprint clients from the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore markets throughout the first quarter of 2010 — that is actually the first consumer showcase of the technology.

The Moment was chosen due to its 3.2-inch AMOLED display screen, which provides crisp colours, bright images outside, and wide viewing angles. Samsung has been the co-developer of the ATSC standard that’s making cellular digital TV broadcasting potential on cellular telephones, laptops, USB drives and other mobile devices.