Samsung Launches Wireless Connectivity, AMOLED Touch-Screen Digital Camera

Las Vegas, NV (January 6, 2021) [Samsung Newsroom] – “Consumers are searching for that fantastic all-around camera a digital camera which takes excellent photos, is visually attractive, and supplies an abundance of characteristics to make sure a fantastic picture or video each moment,” explained Mr. SJ Park, CEO of Samsung Digital Imaging Company. “The CL80 and TL240 provide on such a demand for customers to have a camera that does everything, and also in the instance of this CL80 we have taken it a step farther by supplying several connectivity choices to share these videos and photos on the move “.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader along with award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today introduced the CL80 along with TL240plus a set of trendy, 14.2 mega-pixel electronic cameras which are totally loaded with a range of impressive features which truly improve the digital imaging experience for customers. Highlighted by ergonomic and tasteful designs, the newest Samsung CL80 and TL240 are perfect for your own consumer‑on-the-go searching to get a camera that will do everything.

The CL80 adds much more amazing performance together with the integration of Wi-Ficonnectivity along with a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED touch display, whereas the TL240 comes with an amazing 3.5-inch touch display. Additionally, the CL80 has obtained a 2010 CES Innovation Award.

Appealing Design Adds to Ease-of-Use

Regardless of their svelte 0.77-inch stainless-steel eyeglasses, the CL80 as well as the TL240 house striking Schneider-KREUZNACH lenses that boast a layout inspired from the mirror-writings of both Leonardo da Vinci. When booted the cameras’ lens barrels expand along with also the lens specifications, such as focal length and rate, look using a hidden colour accent at the reflective ring which encircles each lens. These specifications have been inscribed in reverse to the cameras’lens barrels and then vanish if the lens obviously invisibly into the camera system.

Samsung’s design engineers could create one of their very remarkable camera layouts in the business with the support of hydro-forming technologies for its CL80 and TL240. Hydro-forming allows for increased flexibility throughout the design process and provides producers the capability to generate smoother silhouettes, smooth bonding, and even greater quality surfaces. The CL80 along with the TL240 would be the very first consumer digital products to be fabricated utilizing hydro-forming technology.

The Samsung CL80 along with TL240 will also be emphasized by a slanted layout, which puts the rear of the camera in a 7 degree angle. This subtle design accent turns out to be quite helpful for customers that are thinking about shooting self-portraits and set shots. The problem that lots of consumers face when shooting self-portraits or set shots with conventional digital cameras is the camera has to be placed much greater compared to subjects so as to catch the whole picture. Due to the seven level angling of this CL80 and TL240the lenses will likely always be pointed out in the subjects’ faces if the camera is placed in a lower angle. Additional unlike conventional shutter buttons that sit flat in addition to the camera, both the camera CL80 along with TL240 offer slanted camera programs that allow the cameras more comfortable to grip and operate.

Wireless Connectivity

The CL80 makes it possible for customers to share their own audio and photographs on the move without being tethered to their own laptops or home PCs due for the wireless connectivity choices, including Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi along with DLNA. Employing an accessible Wi-Fi link, users may send an electronic picture to any electronic mail address with the camera signature QWERTY keypad or picking those saved the camera of the address book. Users may also use the QWERTY keypad to add text inside the body of this email. Even the CL80’s Wi-Fi link also permits users to upload their own pictures directly to favorite sites like Facebook®, Picasa™ and YouTube®, in addition to

Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity can also be contained from the CL80, enabling users to transfer and share pictures straight with Bluetooth 2.0 compatible cellular telephones.

The CL80 also features Samsung’s AllShare attribute, which permits customers to discuss content, such as photographs and videos, along with additional DLNA certified devices including HDTVs and digital photograph frames. This offers the CL80 consumer a seamless method to transfer 720p HD video along with digital still pictures. To optimize efficiency and speed, all pictures moved through Wi-Fi is going to be decreased to some resolution of 2 mega-pixels.

Smart Gesture Touch-Screen User Interface

Smart Gesture UI also supplies useful auto-focusing selections like object monitoring and interrogate auto focusing. Item monitoring enables users to concentrate on any place by touching the place on the display by using their fingertip. When the item or place is chosen, the cameras may probably soon lock and maintain their focus on the topic even if it’s moving inside the framework. Users may even proceed to choose that picture by continuing to maintain the place by using their finger for 2 seconds, as a result of their cameras’ one-touch automobile focusing capacities.

Both cameras’ enormous screens home Samsung’s Smart Gesture touch-screen interface that’s complimented by an inner audio detector for extra ease-of-use. Smart Gesture is among the most innovative and precise touch-screen interfaces available on the current marketplace, and it provides users the capability to get and utilize key attributes with a easy tip or even a hand gesture. The wise Gesture provides a degree of pleasure into how users interact together and love their own content, letting them quickly scroll through their photographs using a swipe of the finger by slightly tilting the camera from either way. Users can also quickly delete pictures from their library utilizing Smart Gesture by using an”X” over the display with their finger, or turn the image by drawing a circle (O) onto the monitor.

Powerful Optical Zoom

The newest Samsung CL80 and TL240 make it simpler than ever for customers to get the best shot as a result of Samsung’s Smart Automobile 2.0 (Still & Film ) scene recognition technologies. Smart Auto 2.0 technologies will automatically identify the user’s present shooting environment and pick the right settings to reach the best outcome possible. Also, Samsung’s Smart Automobile 2.0 scene recognition technologies may also be used to capture audio, making the highest‑quality footage and also outcomes irrespective of where users will be utilizing the cameras.

The CL80 as well as the TL240 offer strong 7x optical zooms about the high heeled, oversize Schneider-KREUZNACH lenses. To help lessen blur, these striking lenses have been paired using Samsung’s Double Picture Stabilization technology, that combines both digital and optical stabilizers to counteract the damaging effects of an individual’s shaky hand. End-users may also make the most of these celebrities’ 7x optical zoom and optical image stabilization when recording movie. The CL80 as well as the TL240 provide 720p HD movie recording at 30 frames-per-second at H.264 format.