Samsung Reclaim™ Hits Shelves

The Samsung Reclaim, accessible with Sprint for $49.99 after mail-in refunds, is formally available now. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions concerning the Reclaim.

What is the Samsung Reclaim?
The Samsung ReclaimTM is Sprint’s initial eco friendly phone using an energetic, eye-catching appearance and cutting skills. Made with recyclable packaging and components, the Reclaim is the best handset for its environmentally aware customer who needs their mobile to become”green” without needing to sacrifice on the most recent technology.


How is the Reclaim environmentally friendly?
Key green attributes include:

  1.  The Reclaim includes no polyvinyl chloride (PVC), phthalates, or brominated fire retardants (BFRs), except for the Qualcomm chipset. The casing is a combination of bioplastics sourced from wheat (40 percent ) and polycarbonate (60 percent )The transmitter, accepted by Energy Star, absorbs 12 times less electricity compared to the Energy Star standard for standby electricity intake and after the Reclaim is fully charged, a visable alarm enables the user to detach the telephone charger. Due to the usage of bioplastics, the production procedure for this gadget generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to ordinary apparatus. The outside packaging and internal tray are created from 70% recycled materials. The text and images to the box in addition to the telephone guarantee information are published using soy-based ink. The Entire user manual is on line with just a brief manual from the box

Packaging wastes a great deal of stuff. Is your Reclaim marketed without additional packaging or boxes?

A recycle tote for your telephone can also be contained in the bundle. This permits customers to recycle their heated phone.
The Reclaim comes from fully recyclable packaging using an eco-friendly layout. The box incorporates condensed published materials. The user manual is going to be submitted online and substituted with the”Important Information Booklet” from the box to decrease paper.

What is the device called the Reclaim?
Definition of recover is to regenerate. A vital differentiator of this Reclaim is that 80% of this gadget is made of recyclable materials. Forty percent of this mobile’s casing is constructed utilizing bio-plastic, a sort of plastic that’s expressed from corn, a renewable resource.

How does the Samsung Reclaim compare to other eco-friendly phones?
Even the Reclaim is the most innovative eco friendly wireless apparatus now available in the USA. This apparatus has powerful eco friendly features together with the most up-to-date in wireless technologies to fulfill the current tech savvy clients.

The Reclaim is Samsung’s first green phone in the U.S. Why hasn’t Samsung made more of its phones eco-centric?
As you may imagine, making an eco-centric telephone requires time, money and research to grow than other cellular phones. However, Samsung’s recently declared Eco-Management 2013 initiative has put aside over 4 billion bucks to create all Samsung products and procedures more eco-centric within the subsequent five decades.

What is the Reclaim’s bio-plastic material really made of?
It is very important to say the bio-plastic shell covers approximately 40% of those Reclaim, largely on the back facet and battery cover of this gadget. The bio-plastic substance itself is a combination of bioplastics sourced out of corn (40 percent ) and polycarbonate (60 percent ).

Why is only 40 percent of the phone’s casing made up of bio-plastic materials? Why not 100%?
Durability is a significant characteristic for many Samsung phones. Research and testing revealed 40% of bio-plastic materials combined with conventional plastic (polycarbonate), our telephones can be eco-friendly while still lasting.

Are there parts in the Reclaim that are not eco-friendly?
Samsung has made investments into creating our goods and parts more eco-centric. We are working to create future components and products much better to your environment. The Samsung Reclaim has among the very greatest cloth profiles of any apparatus available on the sector and Samsung intends to introduce prospective telephones with comparable hardware attributes.

How is the Reclaim environmentally friendly when it uses corn and energy to make it?
All telephones now require a while to make and construct. Bio-plastics, produced out of corn, are regarded as a much better supply than petroleum-based plastic since bio-plastics are biodegradable, so come out of a renewable source, corn and also lead fewer greenhouse gas emissions into the production procedure.