Samsung Mobile Launches First WiMAX-Enabled Mobile Internet Device for Commercial Service

DALLAS – July 21, 2020 [Samsung Newsroom] – Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) today announced the commercial availability of the Samsung MondiTM, the very innovative Mobile WiMAX-enabled handheld apparatus from the U.S.. The touch display Mondi, that is Latin for”planet”, is made for use with all the ClearTM Mobile WiMAX support from Clearwire from the triggered markets of Atlanta, Las Vegas, Portland, OR and prospective WiMAX markets.

The Samsung Mondi can exploit download and upload rates that dual corresponding devices working on 3G networks while using the prevalent connectivity of Mobile WiMAX. The Mondi can be outfitted with WiFi, enabling users to stay powerful wireless links while operating out specified Mobile WiMAX markets.

The Mondi’s streamlined design provides the consumer with a more mobile form factor and ease-of-use compared to normal notebook or netbook. Although it’s small enough to fit in the consumer’s pocket or hand, the more Mondi packs a remarkable Internet browser, either powered by Opera 9.5, that requires advantage of this device’s 4.3-inch touch display.

Offered in a strong black finish, this gadget slides open to reveal a complete QWERTY keyboard. The Mondi is packed with multimedia characteristics offering immediate access to E-mail, Web, movie content and business software. The Mondi is designed for GPS Navigation via Route 66, supplying turn-by-turn instructions.

“The Mondi is also the ideal instance of the strong and trendy invention that Samsung is bringing into the U.S. mobile marketplace, said Omar Khan, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Product Management to Samsung Mobile. “The Mondi packs productivity resources, entertainment alternatives and content management software into a compact device that’s intuitive and flexible.”

Samsung is the international leader in providing mobile WiMAX technology and provides an end-to-end alternative such as chipsetsinfrastructure, mobile devices and consumer electronic equipment, including apparatus capable of obtaining the two cellular WiMAX and other wireless technologies. UQ Communications in Japan and also Scartel LLC., in Russia are cases of different operators preparing for important business installation of national-wide service utilizing Samsung’s Mobile WiMAX absolute solution.

“Using the Samsung Mondi, folks may make the most of strong broadband rates to get recognizable, easy-to-use applications such as Microsoft Office Mobile to a slick, new mobile online device,” explained Stephanie Ferguson, general director of the company Experiences Team in Microsoft Corp..

The Mondi is totally customizable, thanks to some set of widgets which may be dragged and dropped anywhere on the screen screen for simple viewing and usage. The Mondi is also a superb instrument for work or for playwith. WiFi connectivity delivers the company user quickly and easy links to Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile and a number of other vertical business programs away from the very clear service region.

The Mondi is now on and in pick Samsung authorized providers.