Samsung Alias™ 2 is First Handset in the U.S. to Feature State-of-the-Art E Ink Transforming Keypad

The Alias 2 additionally spports RemoSync, therefore clients may synchronize corporate email contacts, and calendars in their workplaces PC, also a 2.0 megapixel camera and video capture capabilities and Bluetooth® technology.
Was that magical? No! It is the Alias two, Samsung‘s next generation dual-hinge messaging telephone with all the ease of a E Ink altering keypad at a distinctive flip-style format.

The Alias 2 includes an E Ink computer keyboard which fluctuates based on what the consumer wants – open it as a reverse phone and it possesses a classic numeric keypad and may change into a alpha-only keypad and then start it into picture, the phone comes with a QWERTY keypad which may switch to numerical symbols.