Samsung Mobile and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Encourage Americans to “Plug-In To eCycling”

The Plug-In To eCycling National Cell Phone Recycling Week is a joint campaign using Samsung Mobile, support suppliers and retailers to boost the knowledge and recycling charges for mobile phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). As stated by the Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC) Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator, over 100 million mobile phones are lost annually.

When we poisonous them, we’d save enough electricity to power over 18,500 houses annually, and block the discharge of greenhouse gases equal to yearly emissions from over 28,000 cars. The FEC is an enterprise program that encourages federal agencies and facilities to purchase greener electronic products, reduce impacts of electronic products during use and manage obsolete electronics in an environmentally safe method.

“So lots of individuals have mobile phones they do not use anymore which can readily be recycled,” explained Bill Ogle, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Mobile. “We invite New Yorkers to get a cell phone recycling envelope in the Samsung Experience. It is simple to accomplish free and good for the planet.”

Samsung Mobile alongside all the EPA are trying to encourage people to”eCycle” their very own cellular phones throughout the Plug-In To eCycling National Cell Phone Recycling Week, April 6 through April 12.

To help increase awareness regarding the EPA’s Plug-In To eCycling National Cell Phone Recycling Week, Samsung Mobile will disperse 35,000 cell phone recycling Banners to NASCAR enthusiasts who attend to the 2009 Samsung 500, April 3 through April 5. By April 6 through April 12, Samsung Mobile will disperse and supply a collection website for cell phone recycling luggage during its experiential merchandise display, The Samsung Experience, situated on the third floor of the Time Warner Center in nyc. Samsung Mobile may also take part in Earth Day events together with DFW International Airport to continue to push awareness concerning the Plug-In To eCycling application.

For further info on National Cell Phone Recycling Week, also its partners see the EPA.

The Samsung Mobile Take-Back Program is Part of Samsung Recycling Direct? , Samsung Electronics America, Inc.’s devotion to suitable and responsible recycling. The Samsung Mobile’s Take-Back Program recycles end-of-life cellular devices at no cost by processing these to be redeemed as funds for producers. Even the Take-Back Program is directing the attempt to make a recycle-based society by dispersing 100% recyclable cell recycling envelopes made from high density polyethylene. These recycling totes supply consumers access to prepaid postage labels to trade phones to be recycled, and also make fantastic contributions toward maintaining the environment.