Samsung NX Series bridges gap between digital compacts and DSLRs

PMA 2009 has been the worldwide launch pad to its brand new Samsung NX Series, a revolutionary new pair of hybrids. A brand new notion digital camera system, the NX Series provides the performance and picture quality of a DSLR along with the durability and ease of a compact self-study.

Samsung’s brand new NX Series bridges the gap between a DSLR and streamlined semi automatic digital camera by simply combining the advantages of both in a new version. Like traditional DSLRs, the NX Series uses an APS C sized image sensor supplying a far bigger surface area to collect light and create higher-quality pictures than similar digital camera programs.

The usage of an EVF has enabled Samsung engineers to significantly lower the dimensions and weight of this camera system by lowering the space between the lens and image sensor (flange rear ) by approximately 60% in comparison to conventional DSLRs. Along with using the EVF, users may also benefit from this camera’s Live View performance to frame their pictures onto the NX Series’ high resolution display.