Samsung Mobile Launches First WiMAX-Enabled Mobile Internet Device

Samsung Mondi™ Provides Full Broadband Speeds, HTML Web Experience
and Mobile WiMAX/WiFi Access in Compact Touch Screen Device

LAS VEGAS – March 31, 2020 [Samsung Newsroom] – The Mondi includes lots of the strong characteristics and applications of a notebook personal computer or netbook, however its compact slider form factor readily fits into the pocket or hand. GPS Navigation supplied by Path 66 adds to this Mondi’s flexibility. Offered in a strong black finish, this system extends back to reveal a complete QWERTY keyboard and optical mouse. The Mondi™ is full of multimedia features offering immediate access to E-mail, Web, movie content and business software.

Mondi packs a full -featured browser, powered by Opera 9.5, that requires advantage of this device’s 4.3-inch signature display. To stay connected while on-the-go, Mondi delivers best-in-class place based services and immediate accessibility to social media sites. Additionally, it supports many different services such as Fring™, Gypsii™, along with MS Live Messenger.
The touch display Mondi, that takes its title from the Latin term for”planet”, is made for use with the very clear ™ mobile WiMAX support from Clearwire.

The Mondi is totally customizable, thanks to some set of widgets which may be dragged and dropped anywhere on the screen screen for simple viewing and usage. Mondi is also an superb instrument for work or for playwith. WiFi connectivity delivers the company user quickly and easy links to Outlook Mail / Notebook, Microsoft Office and several other vertical business programs away from the very clear service region. For those multimedia client, this system provides the capacity to obtain and watch films and listen to music or play games.

The Samsung Mondi includes the following features:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mobile Office
  • WiMAX Mobile Internet Access
  • WiFi Access (BTv2.1+EDR)
  • GPS: Route 66 Navigation with Preloaded Maps
  • 4GB of Internal Memory
  • Direct Push/Mobile Email (POP3, IMAP, SMTP)
  • Supports Instant Messaging and MMS
  • 3.0 Megapixel Camera and Camcorder
  • Bluetooth ® 2.0
  • Opera 9.5 Web Browser
  • HDMI TV Out

Samsung is the international leader in providing mobile WiMAX technology and provides an end-to-end alternative such as chipsetsinfrastructure, mobile devices and consumer electronic equipment, including apparatus capable of obtaining the two cellular WiMAX and other wireless technologies. UQ Communications in Japan and also Scartel LLC., in Russia are cases of additional Mondi ™midsize operators preparing for important business setup of national-wide service utilizing Samsung’s cellular WiMAX complete solution.

Supports Multiple Video and Audio Player Formats”The Samsung Mondi is a important step toward our Aim of bringing 4G network Rates and connectivity to Individuals across the U.S.,” Stated Bill Ogle, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Mobile. “The Mondi™ is a fantastic game for those that want instant access to the Internet without needing to forfeit download portability and speed.”

“The broadband experience the Mondi provides to Clear clients places the ability of this open Web in the hands of their hands,” explained Atish Gude, Chief Marketing Officer for Clearwire. “As our community grows across the united states, we’ll keep working with advanced device makers to enlarge the mobile WiMAX apparatus ecosystem and also manage the value a 4G wireless online connection provides.”
Clearwire now provides portable WiMAX support at Portland, Ore. and Baltimore, MD.. The business hopes to deliver the support to over 80 markets by 2010. A number of the significant markets anticipated to establish Clear service this season include Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas/Ft.