Samsung Launches Super-Thin LED Monitor As Part Of Its “Touch Of Color” Family For Optimal Viewing

LAS VEGASJan. 7, 2008 [Samsung Newsroom] – This brand new luxury, version includes a Light Emitting Diode Back Lighting Unit (LED BLU), rather than the cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) seen in conventional LCD screens , also reproduces much more vivid colour and high contrast ratios compared to other screens. Using its sophistication-meets-high technology type variable, the P2370L screen will send in late first quarter with the MSRP of $ $399.

The track’s ToC layout technology comes with an abysmal wrapper of merely 16.5mm (0.65-inches) and is a fantastic fit for almost any office or home environment, helping maximize desktop real property and decrease its own carbon and physical footprint decreased. Key eco-friendly added advantages of the P2370L version comprise LED fluorescent bulbs which don’t contain dangerous elements like lead or mercury, ingestion of 30 percent less energy and a much longer life compared to a normal CCFL Flexible unit. Additionally, the ToC production procedure gets rid of damaging sprays and paints to improve the recyclability of the whole monitor.

“As you might expect from Samsung, the P2370L reflects the pinnacle of superior screen craftsmanship because a luxury screen that’s complex in not just look, but at the high quality and functionality it provides and in the way that it affects the environment,” explained R.A Atanus, Vice President of Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics’ Information Technology Division. “This screen is genuinely a direction product which will solidify Samsung’s standing as the leading power in the design, technology and performance of screens globally.”

The P2370L employs white LEDs and includes a neater comparison ratio of 2M:1. The screen also features an ultra fast 2ms (GTG) video reaction time and supplies a 1080p full-HD encounter.

The P2370L was created so there aren’t any obtrusive buttons on front or sides on the board.
The P2370L screen’s translucent, crystal-like, bezel framework has blue gradation which provides it a glass-like look, and helps you to decrease the manifestation of light to reduce glare. The design also has a special glass rack neck that supplies the illusion which the track is drifting. It’s also outfitted with Samsung’s dual-injection technologies which gives it a sleek, finished look with no joints or screws.

P2370L LED BLU Monitor

  •          White LEDs
  •          Ultra-thin, 16.5mm design
  •          Ultra-high contrast ratio of 2M:1
  •          Ultra fast 2ms (GTG) video response time
  •          DVI-I Input
  •          Offers a 1080p full-HD experience
  •          Touch of Color” (ToCTM) technology
  •          Crystal-like bezel frame to help reduce glare
  •          Swivel stand for optimal screen positioning
  •          Starlight Touch Controls

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